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Construction Surveys

Construction surveying, also known as construction staking is a crucial component of development. Your land surveyor will interpret the arrangement of the roads, buildings, utility lines and other structures surrounding potential construction sites from engineering or architectural construction plans and mark the physical location on the ground for accurate construction of such features. Analyzing this information makes it easier to plan construction projects. Construction staking will start with the establishment and verification of the project control, which will help contractors build through the continued construction of the project. These physical control points will also aid with GPS machine control, aerial satellite/drone photography, and vertical elevation benchmarks. Next, the surveyor will use construction staking methods to lay out the locations and elevations of the proposed features such as roads, buildings, and various utilities. It is very important to use an experienced and qualified Professional Land Surveyor to ensure that a construction project is built according to construction design plans, to meet deadlines, and within the budget and without costly layout mistakes.

Lammons Land Survey can conduct many types of construction surveys

Construction staking

As-Built surveys

Building Setback locations

Utility layout surveys

Route layout surveys

Engineering surveys

Architectural surveys

Building footprint layout surveys

Fenceline layout surveys

Site design layout surveys

Volumetric surveys